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A Royal Affair


Erin prompted: mpreg Kurt reacting to the birth of this royal baby and he gets so excited he goes into labor himself then he’s super excited their babies may have the same birthday!
1.7K words [AO3]

Blaine walks into the living room, chuckling to himself as he sees Kurt curled up on the couch, balancing a plate of leftovers on his belly. Kurt barely seems to notice his finally home, his eyes glued to the television. “Kurt, what have we said about using our unborn child as a table,” Blaine teases gently.

“One of the few perks of pregnancy,” Kurt shoots back. “Free furniture.”

“If you say so…” Blaine grins. He bends down, pressing a kiss to Kurt’s temple. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Kurt echoes, watching as Blaine removes the plate from his stomach and sets it on the coffee table. He kneels, cupping a hand around Kurt’s belly and greeting their baby as well. Blaine’s eyes light up as he feels a thump under his hand, knowing that their daughter is awake and kicking.

“Did you feel that?” Blaine asks excitedly.

“Of course I did,” Kurt grumbles, rubbing at his stomach. “I say we scratch the ballet lessons and sign her up for soccer. She’s a natural.”

“Fair enough,” Blaine nods. “Little Lizzie’s gonna be a tomboy, you think?”

“I…think – wait shit hang on.” Kurt grabs the remote and turns the TV up just in time to hear an anchor say “…can officially confirm that Duchess of Cambridge has just checked into St. Mary’s hospital and is now in labor.”

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Song: Happy Birthday to You
Artist: Darren Criss
Album: DC Covers Series
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Happy Birthday, Deej, the Tinkerbell to my Wendy!

(Everyone should go love her because she’s an angel)

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Everything Changes Now That You’re Mine


A/N: Because it’s the Fourth of July and sparklers were my favorite growing up. But really it’s because I promised Erin a fluffy fic and I wanted to try my hand at writing Daddy!CrissColfer. Written for CrissColfer week’s Fireworks theme. Special thanks to Jen & Alyssa for reading it and Becca for naming the kiddos.

“Daddy! Papa! Hurry up, it’s dark! Look, it’s dark now!” a little girl dressed in a red and white striped dress cried, her sandy colored ringlets bobbing as she ran towards towards them with a look of determination on her face.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Chris asked, turning to Darren. “Isn’t it a little dangerous?”

“Chris,” Darren sighed, “c’mon, we’ve been through this. They’re just sparklers. Perfectly safe under parental supervision.” Darren peered down, exchanging a loaded look with Natalie, nodding imperceptibly.

“You promised, Papa,” Natalie pouted adorably, eyes wide.

“See Chris, too late to back out now. You promised, after all,” Darren warned gently.

“I hate you both,” Chris muttered under his breath.

“Papa, you aren’t supposed to say ‘hate’ to people. It’s not nice.”

Darren couldn’t hold back a chuckle, though it quickly faded away at the pointed glare Chris shot him. “Hey Nat, why don’t you go get your brother and tell him it’s time for fireworks, okay?”

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Song: Call Him Maybe (Live at the GLAAD Awards)
Artist: Darren Criss
Album: 100 Days of Darren
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Because we just said goodbye DOMA & so long Prop 8…

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CrissColfer Drabble: An Eye for Fashion
A/N: Inspired by these pictures of Darren’s suit for the MET GALA, as well as this sketch. Thanks to Jen for giving it a quick once over. 
Summary: Darren wore a custom plaid tuxedo to the MET Gala. Chris helped. Shameless CrissColfer fluff. 

“Mhhmff hi,” Chris mumbles, half asleep on his feet as he lets Darren into his apartment a little after 2 AM.

“Hello there,” Darren grins, opening his arms and allowing Chris to slump into them, pulling him close as he shuts the door behind them with a click.

“You’re cold,” Chris whispers, burying his face in Darren’s neck.

“Mhmm, but you’re warm,” Darren groans, settling his cheek against Chris’ hair. They stay that way for a long moment, simply breathing each other in, until Darren is starting to wonder if Chris has fallen asleep standing up. Wouldn’t be the first time, he thinks with a soft snort of laughter.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” Chris interjects, pulling back to look at Darren.

“Nothing,” Darren answers quickly. “Ready for bed?”

“In a minute – but first I want to hear what they thought of the suit,” Chris prompts.

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Song: The Great Escape
Artist: Patrick Watson
Album: Music on Eternal Repeat
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Bad day, looking for a way home,
Looking for the great escape.
Gets in his car and drives away 
Far from all the things that we are
Puts on a smile and breathes it in and breathes it out 
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FIC:…You Belong with Me (Part 2 of 2)
FIC:…You Belong with Me (Part 2 of 2)

Coachella 2013 fic. When Chris posted the before/after photoJen and I got headcanoning about how he got from one to the other. Inspired by that photo and The Lumineers’ Ho Hey (audio/video), here’s our version of events. 

Read Part 1 (written by Jen) here.

Soon after Chris reluctantly parted ways with Darren, he started to feel a bit overdressed. There were way too many people wearing things that were definitely not pants. They also weren’t shorts and Chris wasn’t even sure if they’d qualify as underwear. Chris’ shorts and tank top made him feel downright Victorian by comparison. But he also felt underdressed, covered in expanses of pale, bare flesh that lacked any decoration. While Chris had been insistent on the remaining body paint free, despite Darren’s teasing offers of help and some shameless begging, he was starting to feel rather boring in comparison to the sparkly throngs at Coachella. That wouldn’t do. Chris always knew how to accessorize.

He started by browsing several of the jewelry vendors, looking for something to add to his coveted Coachella VIP bracelet. He passed row after row after of glorified friendship bracelets, wanting something with a bit more edge. Finally, he settled on a studded cuff in a soft, well worn brown leather. He tried it on first, making sure it was loose enough that it didn’t completely obscure the dinosaur tattoo on the inside of his wrist. He couldn’t quite explain it, but having Tristan the T-Rex staring back up at him made him feel safer, braver somehow. But of course, it had nothing to do with Darren’s solemn plea to a dinosaur tattoo to keep watch over Chris. Because that would just be silly, right?

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Les Miserables Deluxe Soundtrack (zip file)

Look Down
The Bishop
Valjean’s Soliloquy
At the End of the Day
The Docks (Lovely Ladies)
I Dreamed a Dream 
Fantine’s Arrest
Who Am I?
Fantine’s Death
10 The Confrontation 
11 Castle On a Cloud 
12 Master of the House
13 The Bargain
14 Suddenly
15 The Convent
16 Stars 
17 Paris/Look Down
18 The Robbery
19 ABC Cafe / Red And Black 
20 In My Life
21 A Heart Full of Love
22 On My Own 
23 One Day More
Disc 2
Do You Hear the People Sing                   
Building the Barricade
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Song: Make 'Em Laugh
Artist: Darren Criss
Album: 100 Days of Darren
331 plays

Make ‘Em Laugh - Darren Criss

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My new (and probably forever) URL:

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